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When I Am Aware, I Am In Control


Hello, it’s nice to have you in my space.

My name is Susan Hart and my love affair for hormones, happiness and the heavens fill these walls. My mission in life is to help women overcome the emotional and physical heartache of their menstrual cycle. To bring back reverence and ritual that will honour and cherish these days so that when menopause is upon them, they’ll have no regrets.

To help you, we have a podcast that uniquely combines the Moon’s energy and the menstrual cycle with messages that might support your emotional and physical wellbeing. We use aromatherapy to anchor us into rituals and have an app available to be used for meditation, tracking and awareness. A curation of e-books is available to you as well.

Awareness is the key, because when you are aware you awaken to all possibilities.

Awareness in life gives choices: to change or accept where you are.
To become the best version of you, there must be an acceptance of the current version of you. It is only when we see ourselves in all our magnificent failings, embrace our perceived flaws and acknowledge our deep hidden wounds that we can start to make meaningful and lasting change.
— Susan Hart

tune in to the moon

Astrology is about cycles of time. People usually seek an astrologer when they are in a crisis of some type or want to know what’s in store for them in the future. There is an Art and Science to this complex and vast subject that affects us as a “human family” and as individuals. “As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above” is one of the Seven Hermetic Principals relating to astrology. We see the events play out in the heavens that are then reflected in us as a collective and as individuals. Every month Kerrie Hourigan and I come together to chat. What do we chat about? Well, two topics that are very far removed from one another, yet strangely works together in this podcast series – the moon's energy and the female menstrual cycle. Tune in to our podcasts for take a deeper look at how hormones and the moon's energy can influence you.


The Four Seasons of the female cycle is an insightful look into the patterns of our menstrual cycle. Such awareness can help to better understand and reduce mood swings and, in some women, anxiety. Imprinting our emotions on the tracker inside the e-book will assist in identifying regular patterns of behaviour our hormones have created over time. A sense of relief comes into play as we step into your higher self with the knowledge that hormones, significantly affect mood and behaviour. It is this awareness that is the key to change.


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