Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 27th July


Because the Moon rules our emotional body and intuition and reminds us there is so much more to us than what we see.

We are now in the middle of the eclipse season and this will have many of us feeling the great changes that are taking place globally and in our individual lives. The Eclipse that will be taking place in Aquarius on 27th July is the longest eclipse of the century lasting one hour and 43 minutes.

It is also a Blood Moon, which happens when the Earth lines up precisely between the Sun and the Moon and blocks out the Sun in a total lunar eclipse making the moon look red or orange hence the name: Blood Moon.

Eclipses have strong energy and create great drama getting our attention with opportunities for change or surprises.

Because the energy is extremely potent and there are six planets in fixed signs you’ll feel your inner strength, your determination to attempt personal breakthroughs you may not have thought possible.

Everyone will feel the effects of this lunar eclipse, but some may be more impacted than others being the fixed signs; Leo, Aquarius (the eclipse takes place here) Scorpio and Taurus.

There is opportunity for profound change to occur quickly with Mars in retrograde and we are also in a Mercury retrograde cycle meaning we have another opportunity to pause, take a breath and revisit old issues that are usually brought up during this time.

Eclipses also expose what has been hidden or is just under the surface, this enables us to address things that are being avoided. There is also the energy of rebellion which we see globally as well as on an individual level. This time gets us to look at new ways we can address old issues.

It is good to remember that even in the darkest times there is always light, there is something to uplift us and if you are experiencing challenge it is good to remember this “this too shall pass”.