New Moon Essential Oil Blend: Cardamom


New Moon Essential Oil Blend: Cardamom

Whenever there is a New Moon you will feel the effects of her energy a few days before and a few days after the phase.  

There are many Essential Oils that you can use with New Moon Energies.

I’ve created this unique combination from the Modern Essential Handbook and Emotions & Essential Oil, a reference guide for emotional healing. I’ve also referenced one of my most loved online Doctors, Dr Axe. 

Why Cardamom?

Isn’t that a spice used in Indian cooking?  Yes, it is and so much more.

For starters, Cardamom’s rich in powerful phytonutrients. It is especially high in manganese, a trace mineral that helps the body form connective tissue, bones and sex hormones. It’s also crucial for normal nerve and brain function and plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism, fat metabolism, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation.

I encourage you to use this blend during any New Moon.

How this works:

From the weeks below, pick the week where you will be in when a new moon fall.

Some women and young girls will be at Week One (menses) some will be Week Two while others will be in Week Three or Four. Choose your week and anchor into the message while applying the Essential Oil blend on your pulse points (wrists, souls of feet, behind the ears and spine)

Week 1:

Your internal language comes into question this week. The New Moon helps to expose any lies or untruths to you especially in what you say to yourself: expect things to be revealed to you – watch how you speak to yourself and choose kindness over criticism

Week 2:

Your thinking will be at warp speed this week, so if you tend to be hard on yourself then this is the perfect week to soften your language inwardly and practice self-love talk.

Week 3:

You may want to take time to be alone with your thoughts especially during the mini PMS days after ovulation.  Watch your internal thought pattern, if negative and destructive thoughts occur, write down a different message/story you can start telling yourself, repeat your new story of positive affirmations.

Week 4:

Your state of mind can be severely affected due to the depleting hormones at this time.  Bodily feelings can trigger thoughts that lead to unhealthy emotions such as anger, frustration and irritation.  Your emotional state can creep up on you and suddenly you become…a different, darker version of yourself.  Grant it, if a real-life situation is occurring and emotions are justified then there is need for emotional outpouring, however, there is also room to create space to respond rather than react.

This Essential Oil blend is for nurturing yourself through your internal communication because sometimes we lose ourselves in negative thoughts and, at times, find it difficult to come back to balance, back to the best version of you.

New Moon - Cardamom Blend

Warning:  Essential oils are powerful and potent chemicals and require proper handling.  The essential oil blend I offer can only be used in conjunction with doTERRA essential oils.  These oils are certified by the Australian and New Zealand Food and Safety Code and undergo strict testing by doTERRA to ensure its authenticity, potency and chemical/additive free claims.  Keep this blend out of the hands of children and ensure you keep the lid on tight and stored out of sunlight.  If you are pregnant you must not use this blend.  If you are on medication you need seek advice from your GP or health professional before using any essential oil.

You will need the following

  • 10ml Roller Bottle

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil

  • Six drops Cardamom Essential Oil – the oil of objectivity

  • Four drops of Lime Essential Oil – the oil of zest for life

  • Two drops Grapefruit Essential Oil – the oil of honouring the body

  • Two drops – Bergamot – the oil of self-acceptance

  • Two drops Ylang Ylang – the oil of the inner child

  • Combine all essential oils into the 10ml roller, top the roller bottle with your carrier oil of choice

Using on your pulse points every hour of the day

  • Souls of feet

  • Wrists

  • Behind the ears

  • Back of spine

It would be by honour to show you how to get these essential oils into your life. When you are ready to come on this journey with me, I will gift you this blend for FREE as my gift to you.

No matter where you are in the world

Love Susan