Full Moon in Aries on 5th October 2017


Make this Powerful Energy Work for You!

The Full Moon will be in Aries on the 5th of October. Aries is the 1st house of the zodiac ruled by Mars, which makes this a passionate and fiery moon. To understand the energies of how the Full Moon in Aries looks, we must first look at this combination separately and then synchronise them together.

Firstly, Aries is ruled by Mars and sits in the 1st House; it is fire sign expressing its energy outwards and has been described as the “untamed fire of impulse” by Isabelle Hickey with the symbol being the Ram.   This is the “I AM” meaning it’s all about “you”!

The Full Moon is the symbol of feelings and the subconscious so it can be a positive time if used correctly.  It can increase positivity or can wreak havoc and will magnify whatever is going on in your body. So, synchronising these two energies together can mean it is wise to remind yourself to keep balance.  On one hand, it is the ideal time to be assertive in what you want in life and focus on your needs and not let them take a back seat as many women tend to do.

On the other hand, you need to watch your temper and avoid careless behaviour. Stop, take time, take a breath or many breaths to calm down and consider things before making any decisions. This Full Moon is incredibly powerful so if you can put off making any major decisions to give your emotions time to expire, then you’ll be able to see things more clearly and from a different angle.

Aries energy is very powerful, instinctive and makes you quick to act and react. It is cardinal fire so how do you contain it? Well, you can’t! This can demonstrate itself in your speech, where you might blurt things out without thinking, so be aware.

Some good things to do during this Full Moon in Aries:

  • Watch your temper

  • Be prepared to speak your truth

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Be Brave to Be yourself

  • Allow your passions to rise and celebrate them

  • Refrain from arguments

  • Go After What You Really Want – Take Risks

  • Meditate

For those of you on days 6 to 10, rising Estrogen is ramping up your ability to focus, and make quick decisions.  If you have something new you want to start, your ability to make quick decisions will help create a path to follow. You’ll also be more inclined to put actions in place.

Toward days 9 and 10 your brain could be turned into a rapid firing machine, so you may find yourself analysing and re-analysing conversations and memories. Although this can be good it can lead to depression. Remember the Full Moon can wreak havoc and amplify feelings whether they be happy or sad.

If you are later into your cycle, days 23 through to 28 can be challenging, due to your hormones dropping off and the beginning of PMS. Coupled with Aries energy this can be a volatile time where you may speak first and think later, and things may just seem difficult.  Again, just be aware of yourself.  Take a deep breath and channel that energy into what you want.

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