Full Moon in Aries on 13th October 2019


The Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our internal world of emotions, feelings, inner security, deepest personal needs, the unconscious and intuition.   Our feelings of inner safety come from what is familiar to us. This represents subconscious patterns previously developed which have become instinctual relating to our past. 

The Moon is also associated with our mother or our most nurturing parent, our inner mother, our inner child (Moon’s energy is strongest in childhood), home, ancestors or the past and family. It is receptive, responsive and reflective while protective, reacting instinctively and spontaneously.

When we look at our natal chart, the placement of our moon will disclose how we see ourselves, our emotional tendencies and what archetypal patterns are operating under the surface.  It also tells us how we protect ourselves and how we make ourselves feel safe and comfortable always ensuring feelings of safety.

The Moon rules the sensitive sign of Cancer and the 4th House which is one of the cardinal signs that moves us from past to future on a moment to moment basis. This is due to the Nodes of the Moon; the South Node (past what is familiar) and North Node (future where new experiences await).  Depending on where your Moon’s Node positions are in your natal chart, your Moon position will tell you how you transition between the two or from past to future. 

In your natal chart (the time of your birth) the Moons location tells you your emotional tendencies while the Moon’s current location as it moves across sky impacts on our feelings and behaviour in the present. She speaks to us through our feelings and emotions.

The Moon is Reflective. 

Our feelings of security are created through consistent and familiar behaviour, reflecting back to us a constant reality.  Because of these feelings of  familiarity, it produces a sense of belonging that nurtures and protects us in turn giving us inner security. 

The Moon in our natal chart will tell you how you see yourself and how you nurture yourself emotionally.  As we go through life we are continually in a process of evolution and it is through our emotional body we grow and mature, not through our intellect.  It is no wonder that the Moon’s natural home is in Cancer, 4th House where we seek our inner security with the opposite of Capricorn being where we seek outer security and maturity.

Dysfunctional Side of The Moon

Because the Moon symbolizes our feelings it’s important to address the shadow or dysfunctional side of the Moon as well.  Best described as emotionally self-indulgent, timid, wishy-washy, over reactive, moody, lazy, indecisive and imaginative.  Pure emotion. If unhealthy or distorted imagination is fuelled by pure emotion it leads to feelings of emptiness and irrationality.

About the Sign of Aries

Known as one of the Trailblazers of the zodiac (others being Leo and Sagittarius) Aries is ready to charge in and conquer any challenge that it meets.  Always wanting to be out in front they are equipped with great courage forging new ground whether that’s ideas, covering new territory with passion.  It is the fearless warrior, incredibly brave and ready to lead the way. 

Aries loves to be first, it can be fiery and impulsive, on one hand acting and speaking first without thinking, and this can get Aries in trouble as they can be seen bossy and pushy. It would be wise for Aries to learn to think before acting or reacting.   

On the other hand, Aries is also first to help, they are the ones who will dive into a sea of sharks or blazing fire to rescue. Aries will go where few dare to venture and will take on life head on. 

Aries is brilliant to have on your side if you are starting a new project or want to give life to a new idea.  With have the ability to blaze the trail before it, it will energise a new project or idea to get it off the ground, however the struggle Aries has is sticking to it till completion.  

Key Aries Facts:

  • Aries Ruling Planet: Mars (warrior, great action, drive, passion, pioneer)

  • Aries Ruling House: 1st House:  house of self, bravery, courage, independence, high energy, the trailblazer, inventive

  • Aries Shadow: Hot-tempered, impulsive, aggressive, impatient   

  • Aries Symbol: The Ram

  • Aries Medical Ruler: Head

  • Aries Element: Fire

  • Aries Modality: Cardinal (initiates action)

  • Aries Counterbalance Sign: Libra

Full Moon in Aries

No matter where our Sun or Moon is in our Natal Chart (Birth Chart), we are all effected by the Full Moon in Aries.

You’ll feel your life force and vitality during the Full Moon in Aries encouraging you to be yourself.  If you don’t allow this freedom you may feel frustrated, impatient and even depressed because you are suppressing or restricting your life force.  The trouble is everyone else is feeling similarly to you and we have a lot of loose cannons on deck.

Be mindful of rash behaviour and actions, take a moment to consider the consequences. Finding balance is the key, too much Aries can cause havoc that’s why its counterbalance sign is Libra. Take some deep breaths to calm yourself and slow down, this will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents and possible conflicts. Things can blow up in an instant however the good news is they can end as quickly as they started.  

The Aries Full Moon gives you a chance to harvest the seeds you planted in the Aries New Moon approximately six months ago. So, things that were brand new back then are now either coming to fruition and may be working or not. If they are working its time to harvest as we have to do something, if not it’s time to let them go and move on to other things. 

Be aware of your comments, spontaneity can sometimes contribute to unkind and insensitive remarks without thinking of the consequences after.   Watch your temper and avoid careless behaviour in your reactions.  Stop, take time, again take a breath or many breaths to calm down and consider things before making any decisions. 

At this time the Aries Full Moon faces the Sun in Libra, its opposite sign. The fiery spontaneous energy of Aries when tipped too far needs to find balance hence its opposite sign is Libra which is all about balance. Balancing the energy is necessary and will help to keep you on an even keel.

Suggestions for You to Do During the Aries Full Moon

  • Be mindful to watch your temper in your words and actions

  • Do something you’ve never done before, go on an adventure

  • Try getting out of your comfort zone

  • Start a new business based on your passion

  • Set yourself a challenge and take a risk

  • Try a new physical activity or sport

  • Get ready to face your fear and conquer it

How the Full Moon in Aries Coincides with Your Cycle

Week 1:

A welcome feeling of relief describes this week perfectly creating a space or window of time to recover from the previous week. The Aries Full Moon will have you feeling more emotional than usual due to its fiery and passionate nature.  It is calling you to be yourself and trust your intuitive messages.  In this week things are much calmer so look closer at your needs and don’t suppress them. In this week you’ll be able to see things with much more clarity.  Let go of that which time has come to let go of to make way for the new.

Week 2:

This week things really starts to take off, with heightened brain power, energy, confidence and excitement. This will be the week when your creativity will kick in giving you a belief in yourself and your abilities to deal with any situation or challenge that comes your way. It is also the week where you may want to initiate a romantic interlude whether it’s a first date or something new with your partner......there may even be fireworks! This is also the week where you will feel confident enough to speak your truth but be prepared first.  

Week 3:

Because of oestrogen dropping off quickly kicking off a few days of feeling down there is a moodiness that comes with Aries. Feelings of wanting to be alone can make this a savouring time for you to allow your passions to come to the surface and express them. You may find yourself in the doldrums and reflecting on issues in your life, this is time to celebrate your life! Do something creative or innovative and take steps bravely to what you want to do. This will lift your spirits!

Week 4: 

This can be the most challenging of all the weeks with the New Moon in Aries as hormones drop to virtually nothing as PMS is an extremely tense time.  Combined with the fiery energy of the Full Moon Aries watch your temper and be aware of your spontaneous reactions and emotional outbursts.  Hurtful and insensitive words  cannot be undone.  For some women this week is full of internal torment and suffering fuelled with agitation and restlessness. 

Aries is an energy that needs freedom, it is impulsive and can be aggressive in this week. Controlling your anger at times will take effort. When this energy builds it must be expressed in some way. Preparation is the key, look at what you can to channel this energy into. Take a walk with a friend and be aware not to make any rash decisions for a few days until your emotions have calmed.  Pay attention if you are racing about, slow down to avoid mishaps and accidents.

*** The Full Moon in Aries will activate a certain part of your chart and you will see which part of your life will be most affected.

As always, it is recommended you take time to do meditation, look at your nutrition and what you are putting into your body and how it’s making you feel.

 You can find recipes, meditation to support you through your cycle and Astrology will help find the meaning behind the New Moon in Capricorn and harness its energies.

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