Full Moon in Gemini on 3rd December 2017


Be Light-Hearted and Optimistic

On the 3rd of December, there will be a full moon in the constellation of Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable fire sign ruled by Mercury, representing all kinds of communication, short journeys, information gathering, ideas and thoughts. Mercury also represents the nervous system which is the highway for commands and messages sent through the body.

This is a time to be social; it will be easier meeting new people to share ideas, to have some fun and catch up with family and friends, and with Christmas only weeks away, it even adds more zing to those events.

Be prepared for lots of mental stimulation as you may experience many ideas all coming to you at the same time and you may find it difficult to choose the direction you want to go in.  Your mind may take off and with having so many ideas you may feel torn between different directions. Gemini will often represent duality and choice.

Your emotional state may be changeable going up one minute and down the next – try to stay flexible in the moment. Because Gemini rules our thoughts, many Geminis are very quick witted and funny so this will be a great time to share funny stories, jokes, songs, poetry, problems and their solutions and ideas.

If you do have a problem, write it down to get it out of your head.  See if you can just write what comes into your mind and explore the solutions you can use.

Here are some suggestions for good things to do during this full moon in Gemini.

  • Watch some funny movies or indulge in other experiences that make you laugh

  • Play some board games

  • Meet up with friends and family for a chat

  • Have a go at writing a poem or lyrics to a song – you might surprise yourself

  • Write down problems you are having, and allow your mind to explore possible solutions

  • Do some craft or make something with your hands (Gemini rules the arms)

For those of you on days 4 to 6 of your cycle, you’ll be feeling chattier and you may feel like you are coming out of your shell. You could be involved in heated debates or gab sessions with your girlfriends. The biology of what is happening in your body at this time is complex due to a form of oestrogen called oestradiol. You may be having special feelings of adventure, optimism, excitement and super sharp wit which all enhance the energy of Gemini.

If you are around day 9 be aware of the internal relentless chatter, analysing and over analysing of conversations and events.  Try to structure your brilliant hyper-active analysing mind by writing down your thoughts in a journal. Once you’ve written down all the factors and formed your perspective, it’ll be easier to put the issue at rest in your own mind.

Be aware that the feel good hormone oestrogen is crashing as you are at that point in your cycle just after ovulation; some women have described this as being worse than PMS. Hormones will be dropping off around days 23 to 24, kicking off PMS.  Be mindful of the power of your words.

It is recommended you take time to do meditation, look at your nutrition and what you are putting into your body and how it’s making you feel.

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