New Moon in Aries 16th April 2018


Brave, Initiate Action, Fiery

On April 16th there’ll be a New Moon in Aries, but before look what the Aries New Moon means let’s look a little closer at the Moon and what if represents in astrology.

The Moon in Astrology
The Moon represents our inner world: our emotions, mood, feelings of inner security, sensitivity, the unconscious and intuition. In astrology the Moon is one of the most important planets as she is also mother, home, family, feelings and habits and how we instinctually react to life.
In your natal chart (the time of your birth) the Moons location tells you your emotional tendencies while the Moon’s current location as its moving across sky impacts on our feelings and behaviour in the present. She speaks to us in our feelings.
About the Sign of Aries

Known as one of the Trailblazers of the zodiac (others being Leo and Sagittarius) Aries is ready to charge in and conquer any challenge that it meets. Always wanting to be out in front they are equipped with great courage forging new ground whether that’s ideas, covering new territory with passion. It is the fearless warrior, incredibly brave and ready to lead the way.

Aries loves to be first, it can be fiery and impulsive, on one hand acting and speaking first without thinking, and this can get Aries in trouble as they can be seen bossy and pushy. It would be wise for Aries to learn to think before acting or reacting.
On the other hand, Aries is also first to help, they are the ones who will dive into a sea of sharks or blazing fire to rescue. Aries will go where few dare to venture and will take on life head on.

Aries is brilliant to have on your side if you are starting a new project or want to give life to a new idea. With have the ability to blaze the trail before it, it will energise a new project or idea to get it off the ground, however the struggle Aries has is sticking to it till completion.

Key Aries Facts:

Aries Ruling Planet: Mars (warrior, great action, drive, passion, pioneer)
Aries Ruling House: 1st House: house of self, bravery, courage, independence,
Aries Symbol: The Ram
Aries Medical Ruler: head
Aries Element: Fire
Aries Modality: Cardinal (initiates action)
Aries Counterbalance Sign: Libra

New Moon in Aries
No matter where our Sun or Moon is in our Natal Chart (Birth Chart), we are all effected by the New Moon in Aries.

The New Moon signifies “new beginnings” and is a time to set the seeds for the future, so the New Moon in Aries this is the best time to take a new idea or project to be assertive and put into action. This is not the time to procrastinate, just get into some sort of action. You may have thoughts of doing things you’ve never done before to really go after what you want.

All the qualities of Aries can be brought out now to help you with what excites you and what you are passionate about. When we have fear of entering new territory remember you have on your side the power of Aries energy that will help you with your self-confidence and courage. You may feel the urge to start a new exercise programme that will allow you to put your energy into or start a business.

Be aware of your comments, spontaneity can sometimes contribute to unkind and insensitive remarks without thinking of the consequences after. Watch your temper and avoid careless behaviour in your reactions. Stop, take time, take a breath or many breaths to calm down and consider things before making any decisions.
Interestingly things like headaches, sinus and eyestrain can be more prominent and can imply troubling thoughts and feelings.

Suggestions for You to Do During the Aries New Moon
• Be mindful to watch your temper in your words and actions
• Do something you’ve never done before, go on an adventure
• Try getting out of your comfort zone
• Start a new business based on your passion
• Set yourself a challenge and take a risk
• Try a new physical activity or sport
• Get ready to face your fear and conquer it

How the New Moon in Aries Coincides with Your Cycle
Day 6: Your Oestrogen has been rising over the past few days, but today it really starts to take off, the reason is nothing short of incredible. The strongest form of Oestrogen in your body isn’t released by your brain but by the little cells in your ovary. The biology of it is a bit complex but the effect on your body is clear – watch for special feelings of adventurousness.

Day 7: Rising Oestrogen is amping up your ability to focus and make quick decisions. Coupled with the New Moon in Aries be aware this may also add to the fuel, take time to keep in mind the consequences of your decisions. Are you staying true to yourself? Is what you are doing now making you feel energised? You’ll certainly feel the difference if you channel New Moon Aries into something you are passionate about.

Days 18 – 28: You may only be on Day 18 but it’s worth noting to prepare for PMS in the following days. Symptoms generally make themselves known around 5-10 days before your period and dissipate with it’s start or soon after, some say almost instantaneously.

This can be a time when everything blows up our skin and our emotions. PMS can be an extremely intense time. Combined with the fiery energy of New Moon Aries you may need to watch your temper and be aware of your reactions. Hurtful and insensitive words cannot be undone.

As always, it is recommended you take time to do meditation, look at your nutrition and what you are putting into your body and how it’s making you feel.

You can find recipes, meditation to support you through your cycle and Astrology will help find the meaning behind the New Moon in Aries to harness its energies.

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