New Moon in Capricorn on the 6th January 2019


The Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our internal world of emotions, feelings, inner security, deepest personal needs, the unconscious and intuition.   Our feelings of inner safety come from what is familiar to us.  This represents subconscious patterns previously developed which have become instinctual relating to our past. 

The Moon is also associated with our mother or our most nurturing parent, our inner mother, our inner child (Moon’s energy is strongest in childhood), home, ancestors or the past and family.  It is receptive, responsive and reflective while protective, reacting instinctively and spontaneously.

When we look at our natal chart, the placement of our moon will disclose how we see ourselves, our emotional tendencies and what archetypal patterns are operating under the surface.  It also tells us how we protect ourselves and how we make ourselves feel safe and comfortable always ensuring feelings of safety.

The Moon rules the sensitive sign of Cancer and the 4th House which is one of the cardinal signs that moves us from past to future on a moment to moment basis. This is due to of the Nodes of the Moon; the South Node (past what is familiar) and North Node (future where new experiences await).  Depending on where your Moon’s Node positions are in your natal chart, your Moon position will tell you how you transition between the two or from past to future. 

In your natal chart (the time of your birth) the Moons location tells you your emotional tendencies while the Moon’s current location as it moves across sky impacts on our feelings and behaviour in the present.   She speaks to us through our feelings and emotions.

The Moon is Reflective.  Our feelings of security are created through consistent and familiar behaviour, reflecting back to us a constant reality.  Because of these feelings of  familiarity, it produces a sense of belonging that nurtures and protects us in turn giving us inner security. 

The Moon in our natal chart will tell you how you see yourself and how you nurture yourself emotionally.  As we go through life we are continually in a process of evolution and it is through our emotional body we grow and mature, not through our intellect.  It is no wonder that the Moon’s natural home is in Cancer, 4th House where we seek our inner security with the opposite of Capricorn being where we seek outer security and maturity.

Dysfunctional Side of The Moon:

Because the Moon symbolizes our feelings it’s important to address the shadow or dysfunctional side of the Moon as well.  Best described as emotionally self-indulgent, timid, wishy-washy, over reactive, moody, lazy, indecisive and imaginative.  Pure emotion.   If unhealthy or distorted imagination is fueled by pure emotion it leads to feelings of emptiness and irrationality.

About the Sign of Capricorn

Hard working Capricorn symbolized by the Mountain Goat is driven by determination and ambition striving to climb the ladder every day.  This could be the corporate ladder, their own business or making sure tasks are completed to keep the household ticking over.  

They climb to the top of the mountain, just think of some famous Capricorns like  Elvis Presley, Muhammed Ali, and the most famous of all, Jesus, look how far they climbed.

Capricorns can be too rigid and driven to the point where they can neglect their loved ones and personal relationships.  They can seem bossy and authoritative, this comes from their feelings of responsibility as its about getting the job done.  

Capricornians have to be reminded to value the people in their life and learn to be more flexible and appreciate what they have.  They can appear to be cold, but they are soft and caring underneath and fear we’ll find out. 

If you have a Capricorn in your life your material needs will be well taken care of. Capricorn’s counterbalance sign is Cancer, Cancer rules inner security while Capricorn rules outer security.

Key Capricorn Facts:

  • Capricorn Ruling Planet:  Saturn (time, structure, responsibilities)

  • Capricorn Ruling House:  10th House:  integrity, responsible, achievement, self-control, discipline

  • Capricorns Shadow: power hungry, materialistic, ambitious, know-all, unforgiving, cold   

  • Capricorn Symbol:   Mountain Goat

  • Capricorn Medical Ruler:  skeletal system, knees, joints

  • Capricorn Element: Earth (practical, sense of foundation)

  • Capricorn Modality: Cardinal (initiating action)

  • Counter Balance Sign: Cancer

New Moon in Capricorn

No matter where our Sun or Moon is in our Natal Chart (Birth Chart), we are all effected by the New Moon in Capricorn.

The New Moon signifies “new beginnings” and is a time to set the seeds for the future, so the New Moon in Capricorn is the ideal time to set practical goals for the coming year to put together a plan to follow where you can act to achieve what you want for your future.  

The New Moon in Capricorn may see you having desires and feelings to achieve success. Capricorn means business and it gives us the opportunity to create some serious order in our lives to make plans and set the stage to reap the rewards from our new beginning.

Capricorn is a mutable Earth sign focusing on tangible and established ways that are subject to potential change.  With a plan to follow you can make your goals as big or as little as you want.  These goals and desires become like a mountain set to climb.  Determination, discipline, and persistence equips the Capricorn energy to climb the mountain all the way to the top.

One of Capricorn’s lessons is accepting the concept of setting reasonable boundaries and rules that can offer us freedom from things like worry, anxiety and chaos.  

Suggestions for You to Do During the Capricorn New Moon

  • Look at your long-term goals and set a plan on how to achieve them

  • Recognise your responsibilities and develop self-discipline

  • Check in with your skeletal system and joints

  • See where you can work smarter not harder

  • Develop your self-mastery and discipline

How the New Moon in Capricorn Coincides with Your Cycle

Week 1:

A welcome feeling of relief describes this week perfectly creating a space or window of time to recover from the previous week.  The New Moon in Capricorn will help you reflect back on where you may have feelings of being blocked in relation to what you want to achieve.  Capricorn ruled by Saturn is the task master and will assist you with discipline to do the work consistently to climb your mountain.  The New Moon in Capricorn is the ideal time to set new seeds and you call on your inner father or inner authority to keep you on track to achieve what you want.

Week 2:

A week of clarity to set your seeds to achieve your goals. To achieve one’s goals requires clarity, creativity, enthusiasm and discipline.  The key words for Capricorn are “I Use”, in this week your capacity to be persistent coupled with feelings of achieving what you want will make you unstoppable, but make sure you do in moderation and avoid overdoing.   A great week for looking at your finances and considering how you use your resources.

Week 3:  

This week may be one of solitude, letting the seeds of achieving settle in to begin to grow. This can be a savouring time as Capricorn operates at peak levels when alone.  Moodiness can creep in this week and as Capricorn can be seen as a cold energy may react harshly and without considering another’s feelings.  Often this is followed by reflection and self-inquiry and you may be reminded to have a bit of forethought before responding.

Week 4:

The fourth week is the most difficult week of all for some women with feelings of agitation, torment and at the extreme anguish.  You can feel everything is difficult. Because of this you may over plan, resulting in not achieving what you set out to do which can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of failure or losing control.  A good idea would be to take some time for yourself to help you achieve even more.  Commit to eating a healthy diet, being hydrated and taking some exercise.

*** The New Moon in Capricorn will activate a certain part of your chart and you will see which part of your life will be most affected. 

As always, it is recommended you take time to do meditation, look at your nutrition and what you are putting into your body and how it’s making you feel.

You can find recipes, meditation to support you through your cycle and Astrology will help find the meaning behind the New Moon in Capricorn and harness its energies.

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