New Moon in Leo on 11th August 2018


Generous, Loyal, Love, Romance, Fun

On August the 11th there’ll be a New Moon in Leo, but before look what the Leo New Moon means let’s look a little closer at the Moon and what it represents in astrology.

The Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our inner world: our emotions, mood, feelings of inner security, sensitivity, the unconscious and intuition.  In astrology the Moon is one of the most important planets as she is also mother, home, family, feelings and habits and how we instinctually react to life.

In your natal chart (the time of your birth) the Moons location tells you your emotional tendencies while the Moon’s current location as its moving across sky impacts on our feelings and behaviour in the present.   She speaks to us through our feelings.

About the Sign of Leo

A heart of gold, benevolent, warm and fun loving you know when Leo is around.  There is an air of royalty about Leo, proud and regal its symbol is the lion, king of the jungle.  Leo is loyal and has a strong expressive energy sometimes finding difficulty in keeping their feelings hidden.  If you are on the receiving end of Leo’s affections, you’ll think the sun has ever shined so brightly.

However, it is worth noting to stay clear of Leo’s drama, they can display attention seeking ways that can be misunderstood for arrogance and will turn some people off.   They can be overly dramatic, self-centred and hot-tempered, they just have to be mindful of the feelings of others around them.

They have great charisma like Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez and Robert Redford and are some of the most incredibly generous souls you’ll ever meet.

Key Leo Facts:

  • Leo Ruling Planet:  Sun (shining personality, warm, energising, life giving)

  • Leo Ruling House:  5th House:  fun, creativity, children, energetic, expression, generous lover 

  • Leo Symbol:   Lion

  • Leo Medical Ruler:  heart, aorta, blood pressure, inflammations, back and spine

  • Leo Element: Fire

  • Leo Modality: Fixed (stability, can be stubborn, reliability)

  • Leo Counterbalance Sign: Aquarius

New Moon in Leo

No matter where our Sun or Moon is in our Natal Chart (Birth Chart), we are all effected by the Leo New Moon.

The New Moon signifies “new beginnings” and is a time to set the seeds for the future, so the New Moon in Leo helps you to revitalise the love you have of yourself.

As women we tend to give all and keep very little for ourselves.  You cannot keep giving of yourself to others but keep nothing for yourself; you cannot give from an empty cup! Therefore, you must put yourself first for your sake the sake of your family and loved ones.

If there are areas of your life where you have low self-worth you will be uplifted and invigorated by the Leo New Moon.  Get ready to give a shot of more romance into your life whether you are in a relationship or not, you deserve the very best in life!

The Leo New Moon is about self-expression and you may have felt your creative juices beginning to flow in the lead-up to the Leo New Moon.  Showing what is in your heart is where you can begin a relationship with a goal, an idea and a new person.

You’ll want to open your heart and bring into the world your deepest desires, this is the ideal time to ask yourself if you are truly doing that which fulfils you.  Leo is the sign of creativity, and being creative is a lot of fun.

Suggestions for You to Do During the Leo New Moon

  • Do something where you’ll really have fun

  • Bring more romance into your life and be generous to those you love

  • Celebrate Your Life!

  • Explore something creative and artistic

  • Show affection to either a special someone or a special animal

  • Take steps to follow your dreams

  • Open your heart

  • Enjoy your friends and loved ones

  • Meditate on what you truly want

How the New Moon in Leo Coincides with Your Cycle

Day 10: You’re feeling empowered and eloquent today making it ideal to ask for something you want.  Ask nicely and firmly, but most importantly, just ask.  Getting in touch with what we want and need helps us to live up to our potential.

Day 11: Many women report heightened senses leading up to ovulation.  You’ll feel strong, confident and you’ll have a strong urge to experience the world today.  Fun-filled emotions of joy, gratitude and excitement at the beauty of the world, and your place within it.

Day 12: Romance! It’s an incredibly important drive of behaviour and who we are.  We can turn into sexy Marilyn Munro’s high-pitched voices that are more attractive to both men and women.  Physiologically, our bodies also tell us that we’re are extremely fertile, with the product of slippery, stretchy cervical fluid (yep that fluid is not an infection). You are feeling sexy and extremely turned on!

Day 19: Few can catch the creative out of the box thinking today.  You’re able to solve problems in creative and clever ways with rising progesterone and oestrogen impressing your colleagues and friends.  Today is a good day to work on a creative endeavour.

As always, it is recommended you take time to do meditation, look at your nutrition and what you are putting into your body and how it’s making you feel.

You can find nutritious recipes, meditation to support you through your cycle while Astrology will help find the meaning behind New Moon in Leo to harness its energies.

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