New Moon in Taurus 15th May 2018


Determination, Patience, Money

On May 15th there’ll be a New Moon in Taurus, but before look what the Taurus New Moon means let’s look a little closer at the Moon and what it represents in astrology.

The Moon in Astrology

The Moon represents our inner world: our emotions, mood, feelings of inner security, sensitivity, the unconscious and intuition.  In astrology the Moon is one of the most important planets as she is also mother, home, family, feelings and habits and how we instinctually react to life.

In your natal chart (the time of your birth) the Moons location tells you your emotional tendencies while the Moon’s current location as its moving across sky impacts on our feelings and behaviour in the present.   She speaks to us through our feelings.

About the Sign of Taurus

Taurus takes its time, will only do things at its own pace. Taurus has the reputation of being stubborn but sometimes it is more of a sense of determination, it keeps pushing through persistently right till the very end refusing to give up no matter what stands in front of it.  In saying that, Taurus can be stubborn even when its wrong, it is the Bull after all, careful, low risk, taking its time in building a solid foundation.

Taurus has a very sensual nature loving anything that involves the five senses, beautiful food, art, music, watching a sunset need to feel connected to the Earth loving the look smells and feels of nature and life around it.

One of the endearing things about Taurus is its patience, it is practical, with an appreciation of bodily pleasures and does have a love for the finer things in life. However, it is important that Taurus looks to see beauty beyond possessions.

Key Taurus Facts:

  • Taurus Ruling Planet:  Venus (love, sensuality, beauty, planet of money, value)

  • Taurus Ruling House:  2nd House:  your value, your money, luxury, indulgence in possessions   

  • Taurus Symbol:   The Bull

  • Taurus Medical Ruler:  throat, neck, vocal chords, thyroid

  • Taurus Element:  Earth

  • Taurus Modality: Fixed (persistent, consistent)

  • Taurus Counterbalance Sign:  Scorpio

New Moon in Taurus

No matter where our Sun or Moon is in our Natal Chart (Birth Chart), we are all effected by the New Moon in Taurus.

The New Moon signifies “new beginnings” and is a time to set the seeds for the future, so the New Moon in Taurus is about doing things that are real and making something happen as it is a natural builder.  It is about starting something tangible and keep going to make it happen.  It calls for you to lay the groundwork and solid foundation to build upon step by step to progress in a systematic way.

You may feel you want more comfort, security and money in the bank and having the feelings of doing more to improve your situation.  The Taurus New Moon is the ideal time for new beginnings with love and your finances, but it likes a careful and methodical process to follow that will give a sold foundation.

Appreciation and being with nature, feeling contentment are all the energies of Taurus. Indulge yourself in being alive, the pleasure of being here, celebrate everything about and around you.  Celebrate your voice and whisper, sing, (check out our blog post on singing), roll around the grass, walk on the beach, smell the fragrance of flowers or a beautiful meal, have cuddles and hugs, really indulge your senses.  Take a long bath or have a soothing drink for your thyroid and throat.

Taurus looks to the goal ahead, but it also likes harmony, it won’t be rushed and will take it’s time.  The New Moon in Taurus makes it easy to feel stubborn, in a world that is so rapidly changing the Taurus energy can sometimes can be very challenging.

Suggestions for You to Do During the Taurus New Moon

  • Meditate

  • Take time out to relax, walk on the beach, long soothing bath, massage

  • Don’t be rushed, give yourself time to consider

  • Do anything that makes you feel good

  • Think about ways you can create additional income

  • Appreciate nature and the abundance around you

  • Really connect with your senses

  • Give and receive hugs and cuddles

  • Let’s Get Physical – Lift some weights to help build up your muscles

How the New Moon in Taurus Coincides with Your Cycle

Day 8:  Find yourself reaching for exotic foods today? Did you decide to take a daring new workout? Oestrogen and Progesterone have you craving new experiences now through ovulation.

Day 11:  Many women report heightened senses leading up to ovulation. You’ll feel a strong urge to get out and experience the world today; the sights, sounds and smells.  You feel excited and grateful at the beauty of the world and your place in it.

Day 20:  Progesterone is just about to peak, while it can make it difficult to reach orgasm you’re feeling especially nurturing today and loving these days.  Studies show that touch as in a hug from a friend or curling up on the lounge with your partner releases the “love hormone” Oxytocins which lower blood pressure and heart rate.  Catching up with friends or loved ones will feel especially satisfying today.

Day 21:  You may be feeling hungrier, women eat up to 500 more calories in the 7-10 days before their period.  If you are hungrier don’t beat yourself up about it, our cycles are a wave it’s best to go with your body rather than against it.

Day 22:   Progesterone is at its glorious peak today have a bunch of lovely effects on your body and your mood.  You’ll be able to relax fully, taking your time.  You so laid back with easy-going Progesterone coursing through your system.

As always, it is recommended you take time to do meditation, look at your nutrition and what you are putting into your body and how it’s making you feel.

You can find recipes, meditation to support you through your cycle and Astrology will help find the meaning behind the New Moon in Aries to harness its energies.

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