Full Moon in Aquarius on 15th August 2019


Special Words from Susan Hart for this Aquarius Podcast

Welcome to the Aquarian Age (Officially started on 11th November 2011)

“The Piscean Age (the age before the Aquarian Age) has been dominated by hierarchy, and power. The key phrase for this age was from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be.” To make a successful and happy life, you needed to resolve this question. The key to the astrological sign Pisces is “I believe.” During this age, in order for you “to be,” you needed to find someone or something to believe in.

When you found that thing, you attached yourself to that thing and were guided how to live. This could be a religion, a political ideology, a charismatic leader, work, etc. The keys to life were hidden and secret in the halls of power and in the monasteries and ashrams. But you didn’t need to know these secrets, only to follow leaders and guides who did. This created vertical hierarchies as a result, and it was essential to find your place in the pecking order.

This has been the foundation for human consciousness for the past 2000 years. Everything that you have learned from your parents, and they from their parents, going back 2000 years, has been coloured by this Piscean frame of reference. And now that is all changing” excerpt taken from here click here

 “The Aquarian Age will be dominated by networks, and information. The key phrase for this age is “Be to be.” The key to the astrological sign Aquarius is “I know.” This is the age of information. Nothing is secret anymore. All information is available at your fingertips. Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up and down structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is organized in a horizontal network, opening the world up to true equality.

During this age, the focus is no longer on your identity and existence (“to be or not to be”), but on accepting yourself as a whole person (“be to be”) who does not need to believe in something outside of yourself. You are ready to accept that you have the knowledge and wisdom within yourself. It is no longer necessary to attach to something outside yourself, but to become a leader of one: yourself. Instead of being a railroad car that is pulled by an engine, you become your own engine. It is your responsibility to stay on the tracks and to keep moving forward” excerpt taken from here click here

In 1969 a song was born from the musical HAIR.  It was a celebration and welcoming to a new age – The age of Aquarius.

I suggest you google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajgeaOt_HTQ

Pop your headphones on, strap on your shoes and dance.

Your Life is about living, giving, creating, forgiving, learning and most importantly LOVING.

Love for yourself, animals, trees, earth, water, humans, plants and everything in between.


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