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A New Moon always makes me feel peaceful because I have the chance to start a fresh, to reset my own internal barometer. I often set aside a few hours on the new moon and perform a little ritual of self-love and it can be as simple as a foot rub. What would you like to do for YOU during the new moon?

I live in a part of world where we have four seasons and this month, we are moving into Spring, which is always a beautiful time of year here, in Australia. Spring is often the catalyst for opening the windows and clearing away old debris accumulated during winter which is a perfect analogy for how you can view your internal home.

Open your heart, breathe in the new season air and dig deep to find your accumulated debris and let it go. As you will read further, the New Moon in Virgo has the energy to shift you out of your funk and elevate you to become the best version of yourself. 

Enjoy, Susan 


NEW MOON IN VIRGO | 30.08.19

New Moon: Lunar clock the Sun and Moon are together or on the hour as in 12noon. Just as it implies it is the beginning of a new cycle so your initiating something new in this case it’s with the Virgo energy.

Virgo: 6th House, ruled by Mercury: Mutable Earth

The energy comes back to the centre therefore it is a Yin phase. Always fine-tuning and adjusting looking at what is “useful” and discarding that which is “useless” it’s no wonder it rules the digestive system. It discriminates and analyse with painstaking attention to detail.

Virgo sits in the 6th house ruled by Mercury, it is between Leo and Libra therefore it is a transitioning sign as we begin to move from it being all about me into interacting with others. Virgo is also associated with inferiority, hence the feelings of not being good enough or perfect enough. Virgo is learning about being of service to others and puts the Ego at the bottom so it tears down the EGO. So here we learn about humiliation and makes us aware of others. It forces us to have introspection therefore creating a sense of lack, imperfection and inadequacy showing us what we need to improve.  

This sounds like doom and gloom however Virgo is opposite Pisces which is where we find our ultimate ideals. What we dream of having so Virgo being an Earth sign can show us how we can bring this into the physical world.

Virgo can be misunderstood as it is always focusing on improvement. Often seen as very critical, judgmental and even nit-picky because it looks at things with a discerning eye pointing out what’s wrong in a situation. 

Virgo rules health, healing and discernment but when the distortion of Virgo is in swing we struggle with procrastination, victimisation, shame and guilt.

The most endearing and strongest qualities of Virgo is being of service in what ever we do. In focusing on the details, it helps us to fine tune our lives taking in an enormous amount of information helping us sift through that which if most useful to us. This is what makes Virgo one of the most productive and efficient signs of the zodiac.


When a company, like dōTERRA, creates a lot of disruption in the medical field, you're going to see some turbulence.

Perhaps you missed this week the blanket statement (they're dangerous huh?) by Queensland Health stating "Essential Oils are not safe to consume". This statement is true for 99 % of Essential Oil companies that have not been passed as food flavouring.

There is a major difference between dōTERRA and other essential oils. 11 years ago dōTERRA set out to bring the world an essential oil that is like no other on the market. They also brought a standard to the world that ensured that each bottle contained certified pure tested grade essential oils. Important in an unregulated industry.

To reach this grade they have to contain no fillers or contaminates, they need to be indigenously sourced, and every batch has to pass each of the 54 tests (!) that are undertaken. FYI - This testing in return can be looked up at

dōTERRA essential oils are rare as they have been passed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand for flavouring purposes. They are specifically used by many cafes, plus lolly, soft drink, and chocolate companies. They are potent but doing the maths on one drop of lemon finds you with the essential oil out of the zest of 1/4 of a lemon. Each oil approved for flavouring is clearly marked on the side of the bottle.

Usage for medicinal purposes is going through a very lengthy process of approval through the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association ) right now. The TGA will be approving oils for internal use and some studies have been published in suggesting their powerful usage. A great start can be found HERE.

In the US, Prime Meridian Health services have been opened to provide patients with dōTERRA essential oils for health purposes under the supervision of a doctor. And Prime Meridian is due to expand all over the US, and eventually internationally, including Australian shores.

What is important is that we use essential oils internally in a smart and safe manner. We use child safe caps on bottles or keep them out of reach if you have young ones in the home.

Here is an article written by Dr Hill (one of dōTERRA Founding Directors) on the internal use of dōTERRA essential oils. And also an ebook which covers everything.

I can't help but wonder, does the Health Department feel a little threatened with the TGA approval being so close? Although, there is absolutely no reason for them to be, as dōTERRA has come to complement medicine rather than threaten it.

Written by Amy Landry and used with permission by The Moon in You



Are you interested in curving the length of time you are under the weather? Are you interested in boosting your immune system? Are you interested in restful, deep sleep? Are you interested in a flat, comfortable belly without discomfort? Are you interested in your overhauling your health?

Is it safe to use doTERRA Essential Oils internally?
dōTERRA essential oils are rare as they have been passed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand for flavouring purposes. Not all Essential Oils have passed this test which is why I always stipulate that information I give in regards to essential oils usage can only be made when using doTERRA Essential Oils only.

You are invited to come to our my next essential oil educational class to find out how all the above can be achieved and so much more.

At my class you will receive educational material, essential oil samples, food & beverages infused with essential oils, and a roll-on that you create to address one of the above concerns or a wellness concern of your choosing.

The investment is $10 (paid on the day). You are more than welcome to bring a friend.

Hope to see you there - begin the journey.