Astrological Birth Chart

Astrological Birth Chart


Once you have selected Add To Cart, you will prompted to complete an online form. These details are essential for Kerrie to map your chart. Without these details the chart can not be created accurately.

Inside you'll find a some information relevant to the placement of the Moon at your time of birth. 
This is important to know as you will learn how you can nurture and take of yourself on an emotional level. As you listen to our podcasts you learn that the Moon is also our EGO. The EGO is necessary for the development of our Soul. In Evolutionary Astrology (EA or Soul Astrology) the correlation of our EGO and SOUL is explained this way.  

"The Soul is the movie projector that views the world but it needs a lens in which to do so. That lens is the placement of your Natal Moon" 

We are told so often that we must drop the EGO, this is impossible, the EGO is our reason for our existence on this planet. In other words if we didn't have an EGO we wouldn't be here. The idea is to align our EGO and SOUL to walk side by side which progresses our development not only through this life but future lives to come. 

We have never been told how to address our EGO and how we can look after ourselves when things don't go our way causing stress and unhappiness. Knowing the placement of your Natal Moon will help you mother (Moon) and nurture yourself in turn leading to feelings on inner security and calm. 

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